Designer Michael Kors create designer brands of the same name is now the American designer brand in the development of the most successful one, in fiscal 2012 sales of $1.237 billion, as of may this year, its market value has amounted to $12 billion. Maybe someone will ask, Michael kors outlet online his design is too plain, lack of originality, how could develop so successful?
Indeed, the list in terms of design style, traditional classic Michael kors outlet online products is not the best, but in terms of business operations, and some of his practice is worth reference. Such as his reality on the one hand, by taking part in, for fashion magazines, and other activities to increase their exposure; , on the other hand, after the foreign capital, he launched a "real, second line CARDS", "high clothing, cheap deserve to act the role of" positioning strategy: first-line brand "Michael Kors" to set up the brand's unique aesthetic, transfer and expensive, similar products prices slightly lower than Michael kors outlet online in luxury brands such as Louis vuitton. Two second line CARDS "MICHAEL MICHAEL Kors" and "Kors MICHAEL Kors" is also changed. Among them, "MICHAEL MICHAEL Kors" main deserve to act the role of the market, at the same time also provide women clothing, such as its price range and the basic cohesion "MICHAEL Kors" lower limit; "KORS Michael KORS" provides relatively cheap shoes and coats, etc. This strategy in support of high-end brand image at the same time, and enlarged the audience base, so can help "Michael Kors" brand enhanced rapidly.
As you can see, Michael kors factory outlet is a good opportunity and know the management of designer, the United States is one of his main "battle", his work is very suitable for advocating fact wear in the United States, in addition to the actual sales figures, he won the award of CFDA couturiers of the year (1999, 2003 CFDA menswear designer of the year, and 2010 CFDA lifetime achievement award) can illustrate this point.
The material
Michael Kors was used in the design a lot of flax, this is a kind of suitable for spring and summer dress material, in addition, he also used the cashmere, fur, leather, cotton, denim, georgette, gabardine, etc., the fusion of different material makes the whole series more variety.
Almost all the design emphasis on women's Michael kors outlet online waist curve, Michael Kors contract in clipping on the waist, not only is the belt on collocation, the hem of the dress, coat or smock is given priority to with A word outline of outward expansion, highlight women's elegance. A small number of pants is pronounced adopted wide-legged pants design approach. color
Show in the first half of the color more relaxed, with linen color, white, ivory, sand color, light gray, pearl color is given priority to, in the second part color slightly heavier, give priority to with brown, grass green, navy blue and black.
Waist belt almost throughout the whole design, casual is a way in show women's elegant at the same time, also out of a casual. In addition, the envelope bag, hand bag, fur shawl and platform shoes item, also let whole design more give prize.
Michael Kors2014 series of spring and summer dress above the 40 s and '70 s style for inspiration, the two women s proper romance, along with the gender and delicate is designer's addiction. He will details such as three-dimensional embroidery, handmade Michael kors outlet online flowers, dot into light fabric, design a series of retro fashion and modern modern works. To suitable for daytime wear linen fashion show in the opening, then play the snake grain leather and decorated with three-dimensional flowers bikini item with a light touch of American.